Felt like drawing a deer, something furry and also something hopefully dinamic, so drew Bam from

To the girls who frequent Club Tortimer on New Leaf, there is a creep named Jason from Evanston who’s 35 and will bother the hell out of you to be his gf, whether you’re underage or not, interrogating you about your personal life. Please be safe.


Merengue in Animal Crossing is a rhino who loves sweets so much, she IS one.

In Tomodachi Life, she hates nearly every kind of chocolate I give to her, and I’ve only seen her remotely enjoy one or two sweets.


AC Drawing Challenge - Day 4 - Draw your favourite peppy villager

watch me finish this challenge at the speed of molasses, awwyeah.

Ruby’s design brings me back to the time before i learned to draw. when i was a young weaboo (about 600 years ago) i had this art book which had a picture of a girl surrounded by rabbits that looked like Ruby. at that time, it seemed impossible to reach that level of artistic skill. years have passed, now i punch weaboos and i could see all the technical and colouring flaws in that art book. life changes, but Ruby has that sort of nostalgic look which brings me back to the ‘good old days’.

she also represents everything i love about space: the sterile environments, white space, red signal lights, experiments, also the fear of getting lost in the great unknown. Ruby’s also a nerd, 10/10 would discuss space and Turing laws with her.


Hey Rhond………….




—Animal Crossing New Leaf—


Did 2 autumn sweaters. The second one looked better on Daisy because of the hat she is wearing.


Stealing the squirrels…